Being nominated six times through his years as an actor, Leonardo DiCaprio finally receives the golden statue he so very much so deserves, the Oscar. To honour his win Volt Café looks back at Leonardo DiCaprio’s greatest moments on screen.


What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Playing the part of Arnie Grape, a developmental disability challenged young boy who is cared for by his older brother Gilbert Grape, played by Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of a boy suffering from mental disability is on point. The story follows the Grape family and their struggles with society and upbringing.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is the perfect Sunday film and definitely worth a watch!



Romeo + Juliet

Another blossoming performance by a young DiCaprio taking on the role of Shakespeare’s Romeo. Playing alongside Claire Danes’ Juliet, the Baz Luhrmann film presents a pure love story with its original dialogue through guns, fast rides and drugs. The incredible film work by director Baz Luhrmann makes this film a true work of art.




Stuck on a ship with Leo? Who doesn’t want that? Titanic marks the time where DiCaprio went for a commercial blockbuster, and it certainly paid off! The James Cameron hit movie stars DiCaprio as Jack Dawson, a poor artist who falls in love with the aristocratic Rose played by Kate Winslet. Together they face the tragic and catastrophic downfall of the ship Titanic. If you’re in for a crier, Titanic is the way to go!



Blood Diamond

Reacting the problematic industry of blood diamonds (diamonds mined in war zones and sold to finance conflicts and profit diamond companies), DiCaprio embodies the character of a South African diamond smuggler who is desperate to find a hidden pink diamond. Through his journey he is willing to take advantage of human kindness in order to find his treasure. Blood Diamond is a heart-breaking movie that portrays the damages of civil wars and the cruelty of the blood diamond industry. Again expect tears!



Shutter Island

One of Martin Scorsese’s best films – if you’re into psychological thrillers, Shutter Island is right up your street! Following Leonardo’s cop character’s journey in solving a murder case at a deserted mental hospital, this thriller carries many twists and turns and is a definite must-watch!



The Great Gatsby

Based on the 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby is all about love and glamour in the roaring 20s. Once again, DiCaprio finds himself in the hands of movie director Baz Luhrmann who embellishes this film with sharp colours and mind-blowing scenery. Trust us, it’s like candy for the eye.



 The Wolf of Wall Street

Playing the character of real life Jordan Belfort, a successful stockbroker on Wall Street, who later in his career was found guilty of fraud, DiCaprio projects Belfort’s advance and downfall along with an alarming lifestyle that includes heavy drugs, prostitutes and a great amount of money. This film is not for the touchy feely, director Martin Scorsese made sure this piece had no boundaries! That said, you are in for a ride! And P.S. turns out Leo has got some pretty fierce dance moves!



The Revenant

DiCaprio’s latest masterpiece and the film that finally crowned him as a holder of an Oscar, The Revenant presents DiCaprio as the American frontiersman Hugh Glass who through horrible climate conditions manages to face life threatening challenges. Directed by Alejandro Gonzales Iñárritu who last year won the academy award for best director and best picture for Birdman, The Revenant carries the same sort of brilliance and is a true treasure!



Words & gif by Marija Filipova



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