Kramer&Kramer is a treasure trove of vintage delights. Have a read of our piece about the store and click here to take a look at the shoot to see some of the incredible clothes they have.
Nestled behind a small, discreet wooden door on a Greenwich street lies a treasure trove of all things vintage. From 1970s Missoni to 1940s satin floral dresses and Gerry Facey artwork from the seventies, Kramer & Kramer (named after the Meryl Streep film Kramer vs Kramer) is the ultimate destination to satisfy your fashion, art and vintage ‘stuff’ desires. The store is nothing but a delight.
“It [vintage items] needs to have something about it; a quality, a good design, certain credentials” says store owner Emma Jones, “it’s about bucking that mass-produced fashion thing. I think a lot of people feel a little bit duped by that.” Kramer & Kramer offers unique and one-of-a-kind pieces, which are so rare to find. Sourcing their items through auctions, collectors, contacts and donations (an incredibly beautiful decades-old typewriter was dropped in by one elderly lady), everything in this shop exudes a unique quality.
With a copy of The Stealth Corporation magazine from 2002 in one corner, to rare Carisma wallpapers in another, Kramer & Kramer isn’t just a vintage fashion haven. Antique china and tea sets, sniper gear from a soldier who served in Iraq and Bosnia and ‘Angus The Dog’ children’s books by Majorie Flack dating back to the 1930s are among the treasures that are beautifully arranged in this Aladdin’s cave.
The space itself is unique too; the Eros statue in Piccadilly was built here, and it’s also been home to famous artists from The British School during the 1970s. It celebrates the heyday of British manufacturing, the impressive old English wool makers and a time when the majority of our clothes were made in Britain (such as the Laura Ashley Made In Wales dresses hanging from the racks). Among the British-made garments are stunning American dresses from the 1940s and 50s, which seem as incredible now as they were when they first appeared in department stores.
There’s everything from very affordable, handmade tea dresses to chartreuse Yves Saint Laurent Homme sweaters and Missoni zip-up cardigans, which can also be worn as bomber jackets. Kramer & Kramer is unique in that there’s something for everyone to fall in love with. You’ll have to explore it for yourself.

Kramer & Kramer
2 Hyde Vale
Greenwich SE10 8QJ


Words by Annie Lunnon


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