Once in a while you luck out and come across the perfect beauty product. I think it’s called a ‘hero’ product in the trade. I’ve just found mine. Normally I wouldn’t go anywhere near oil for my skin or hair, fearing greasy bumpy skin or lank, rat tail-y hair. However, having heard lots of good feedback about Kahina Argan Oil I decided to try it, first on my hair then my face. Argan oil is extracted from the nut of the argan tree, using centuries old techniques passed down through generations of Berber women who live in the argan forests. To my surprise and joy, my hair actually looked as if a stylist had spent hours on it, every curl was doing amazing things and it looked thick and glossy. You can literally feel the hair drinking in the nourishment! All the summer abuse of sun, sea and dyeing had been swept away. I couldn’t stop touching it – not to mention preening discreetly in front of every available reflective surface! On your face it transforms work-weary skin into plump dewy silk. Full stop. Its motto is Hydrate, Nourish, Protect and it does exactly that.

According to its creator, Katharine L’Heureux, it is truly a multipurpose wonder, one that you can use on your face, your body, as a bath oil, on your hair and hands and you can even use it to treat acne and eczema. This makes it super practical for travelling as well as everyday. Rather than 6 different bottles taking up space (and time when you just want to get out and explore) how much cooler is it not to just pop one bottle in with your toiletries, safe in the knowledge that this product is a great multi-tasker.

Kahina Argan Oil – more than a hero product, this is a true superhero product! And one with a conscience. For starters is it 100% organic; and through the charity Kahina Giving Beauty, 25% of the profits of this product goes to the Berber women of North Africa who extract the oil by hand. The money raised will be dedicated to literacy, education, and women’s rights programs.

Kahina Argan Oil is available here.

Words by Anna Bang


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