Jens Wolf, 09.07, 2009, acrylic on plywood, 60 x 80 cm, courtesy the artist and Ronchini Gallery

Jens Wolf, 09.07, 2009, acrylic on plywood, 60 x 80 cm, courtesy the artist and Ronchini Gallery

For Berlin-based artist Jens Wolf, his first ever UK solo exhibition is an important one. As one of the key figures in the development of process art, he has taken inspiration from the abstract movements of the 20th century and mixed them together with familiar motifs to creating striking, but simplistic and repetitive geometric paintings on plywood panels. To contrast the bold shapes and colours of the painted motifs, the grain of the plywood frays the edges and forms a softer, less harsh, appearance. This is also artfully and tastefully done deliberately, where the paint has been chipped away to reveal the raw surface of the wood and what lies beneath. The thickness of the paint also reveals Wolf’s handiwork, as individual brush strokes can be seen amongst the striking brightness of the paint, fraying of fabric edges and the softness of the wood.

Featuring nine paintings of plywood of different sizes, they need to be decoded and analysed by the viewer, alongside the two murals combining fabric and aluminium foil. They manage to guide the viewer, after some deliberation to explore the confines, as well as freedoms, of geometry, supported by the nod towards the principles of Constructivism. Now preferring to glaze wood with white acrylic paint and then fix any imperfections, Wolf’s paintings are both geometrically, and visually, perfect and satisfying. Set in a pure and clean white room, the impressive amount of light really brings out the most intense colours Wolf uses – yellow, green and orange – and one painting appeared to be almost staring back at you. Journalists, art writers, art enthusiasts and a whole host of creative minds were generally as a whole in their opinions – the simplicity works well, and the geometry makes the works feel complete and dynamic.

With its specially constructed works made of fabric and aluminium which were brand new for this exhibition, this is process painting that is not to be missed.

Jens Wolf
Till 16 May 2015
Ronchini Gallery
22 Dering Street,
London W1S 1AN

Words by Annie Lunnon


Annie Lunnon, Jens Wolf, Ronchini Gallery,