It’s spring. YES! At last! As we collectively emerge from the onesie-and-Netflix dominated gloom that was winter and congratulate ourselves on surviving that yet again, it feels right to do a spring clean and add some sparkle to you and your surroundings. Both metaphorically and in real life. In the same way one tends to retune diet and exercise for spring, have you thought about your financial state? Rather than continuing to bury your head under the pillow, why not do a credit check? Just for peace of mind. It’s actually really empowering and not scary at all. Experian CreditExpert is the most trusted credit monitoring service in the UK. If you’re really worried about the potential impact of credit checks – follow this link to find out more about Experian’s credit check service and more information about the original source of this article.


Need a little living room inspiration? Have a look at The Selby or Freunde von Freunden for examples. Don’t get too overwhelmed by all the stunning Berlin or Brooklyn-based flats inhabited by arty power couples. Be an inspiration hunter, not a hater! Pinterest is another great source of ideas. Room decorating doesn’t have to be grand. You can do something simple with a feature wall, different lighting or even just a rug or a statement piece can transform your space completely. Looking at all those striking pads, you might fall in love with a designer piece. They can be expensive but are always a great investment as designer furniture increase in value while giving you pleasure on a daily basis – you can’t say that about a pension plan!


Vintage Ox Chair by Hans J Wegner

Vintage Ox Chair by Hans J Wegner

Once you’ve sourced the designer piece you like, make sure you’re financially able to buy it. If you know you’re disciplined enough to repay a set amount each month you could go for one of the interest free credit cards that are bandied around at the moment. To avoid being any embarrassment, do a credit check first. You’d be amazed how any ‘youthful indiscretions’ can hang around for years so it’s always a good thing to do anyway especially if you plan to buy your own place at some point. Credit checks are so easy now, just set aside half an hour to delve into your financial history.

A spring clean should also include creating some space. You can’t beat the easy way to de-junk your house by dividing your things into three piles: YES, NO and MAYBE. Take the NO pile to charity or Freegle it, one person’s trash is often another’s treasure. The YES pile will look all the better with some space around it. And you’ll be surprised how the MAYBE usually turns into NO after a couple of weeks rest. If it’s too overwhelming to do it all at once, do a room or even a shelf at a time. Don’t let your space own you.



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