The Birkenhead based, multi-talented Dean Stephen Davies has established himself as the founding editor of bi-annual fashion and lifestyle magazine TRIP. Since graduating from the University of the West of England, Bristol, gaining a first class honours and recognition at GFW for his innovative portfolio ranging from photography to styling, Davies has gone on to team up with other creatives to produce a platform for their work and to ultimately create a endless resource of photography and styling.

Davies’ aesthetic is one that embraces all cultures through documenting their identity, resulting in real images that are appreciated by a wide demographic. One who can enjoy TRIP magazine not just for the fashion, but for the large scope of raw talent behind every page.

With two zines due for release before Christmas, Volt had the chance to interview Davies, gaining an insight into his influences for the content that has shaped each issue.

Volt Café: What made you decide to start TRIP mag? Name some influences that kick started the publication…
Dean Stephen Davies: Upon graduating from University I began to meet a number of photographers and image-makers who shared similar aesthetics within the work they were producing. I created TRIP as a platform to show off their work.

Initial influences include photographers such as Vicky Olschak, Lily Ann Galt-Mcloughlin, Heather Iris Galt-Mcloughlin, John-Lloyd Quayle and Tom Lowther, whose photographs made up TRIP’s first issue.

The last three issues have explored LAD, Girl and Youth culture respectively. TRIP’s contributors shaped the visuals for each of these releases; curating or creating photographs that documented or replicated those sub cultures.


VC: How do you perceive the print vs digital age? Do you feel magazines must always have the print element?
DSD: TRIP is a multi-media platform, publishing photography both digitally and in print.

The very nature of the Internet means that anyone in the world can access your website; and printed magazines and zines, whilst a great method for distributing and consuming photography, are never going to have the same reach. That being said, there is of course still a place for print, and part of my role as the Editor is to decide which projects are suitable for a physical release.

TRIP’s magazines and zines have a one-time print run and are produced solely for those who like to view photography in that medium.


VC: What’s lined up for TRIP in the next coming months, any collaborations?
DSD: TRIP has two zine releases planned for before Christmas. The zines will be produced in collaboration with Nicola Collins and Jack and George Springthorpe and will focus on Essex girls and the Yorkshire/Lancashire border.


VC: Do you have a preferred medium to work in? Be it photography, styling or editorial?
DSD: As both a photographer and stylist, I’m drawn to photography that fuses classic portraiture and an individual’s unique style, that documents the times we live in, and features real lives and universally relatable characters.


VC: Do you feel the viewer is equally as important as the content inside? What demographic do you hope to reach?
DSD: There has never been a conscious decision to adhere the content to any one group of people. My hope is that anyone could look at TRIP and relate to the people and places within the photographs.

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Words by Lora O’Callaghan