After the accidental death of her teenage son, hospital nurse Sarah (Anne Parillaud, ‘Nikita’) is in a severe state of distress. A year later and still visibly haunted by this event, she’s sent home from work after administering the wrong dose of medicine to a patient. At 2 AM on a lonely country road, the last thing she expects is a young man hurtling into her path. She manages to brake in time, and decides to take him back to her house rather than the hospital… The young man, Arthur (played very convincingly by Arthur Dupont), is initially plausible with his believable tale of disturbing a burglar at his house but things soon turn increasingly uneasy. What follows is a taut study in just how twisted humans can be. If you’re by yourself in a desolate farmhouse without a phone I’d give it a miss… Otherwise enjoy a well-acted and thought provoking French thriller.

‘In Their Sleep’ (Dans Ton Sommeil, 2010)
Out on DVD now.

Words by Anna Bang


Anne Parillaud, Arthur Dupont, In Their Sleep, Nikita,