Tongue in cheek, youthful and quirky, sums up Hattie Stewart’s work. She’s experimented with many different creative avenues but has always come back to drawing. She has worked on projects for Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Diesel and Nike. She hopes to inspire other young women to pick up a pen. ‘I find it a thrill to think that I may spark in someone their own creative evolution – just as artists before me have sparked my own.’ We had the chance to have a chat with Stewart.


Volt Café: What was your first big job?

Hattie Stewart: I would say my first big job was for Old Navy in 2012. The campaign was for print and television for which I got to work with Roman Coppola, which was an amazing experience. I learnt a lot from that project – it was intimidating at times but ultimately brought a new confidence to my work and myself.


VC: If you were a super hero, what would you be?

HS: I would draw things that then come to life – like a lover, or some pizza.


VC: And who is your hero?

HS: Pauline Boty (a founder of the British Pop art movement) and my mama.


VC: What is your key to success?

HS: I work hard and stay true to myself and my vision but then I’ve also had a couple of lucky, unexpected breaks.


VC: How does your regular workday look like?

HS: I work from home and also a shared studio – where I work is dependent on my mood. I like to be entirely consumed by a project – I like it to take over my life for a time so usually when I am conceptualising or working out an idea I prefer to work in isolation. Then once ideas are more fixed and I’ve started on a body of work, I like to get involved with the joys working in a shared studio brings!




‘Don’t get mad, get drawing – be the change you want to see.’
See more work by Hattie Stewart on: http://hattiestewart.com

Words by Sophie van Hasselt

GIF by Isabel Nascimento


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