Recently Volt Café was approached by Riku Oshima, a 19-year-old blogger. He is from Hokkaido in Japan and currently roams the streets of London. Riku loves London “because of the energy and all the different types of people that live here and for the fashions that have evolved over the years here – people in London have wonderful imaginations. London’s streets are a festival everyday! I especially like East London and the atmosphere there, but I’m a Gunners fan! Later this year I will attend the London College of Fashion to study Fashion Styling.”

Beautifully put – London IS tremendous even at those times when you feel that life, love and work just seems too hard to juggle you’ll invariably spot someone that lights up your day.

Sometimes you even manage to be that person yourself.

The most important things in Riku’s life are fashion, music and relationships.  Fashion has changed the way he thinks and feels and clothes are the way he expresses himself.

We asked Riku to do what he likes most – here are a few of London’s many individuals showing off their footwear.

All images by kind permission of Riku Oshima. To see Riku’s blog, please go to

Words by Anna Bang


Riku Oshima,