This November a new digital presence for i-D Magazine was launched. As soon as the website pops up in your browser you can see the influence from VICE Media, which acquired the publication in December 2012, resulting a complete reinvention of online fashion. Throughout its 33-year history, i-D has established a unique reputation for building and nurturing a loyal family of collaborators within the fashion industry. The new i-D site is the next chapter in this approach.

So what is different? Basically the new look is dominated by the main straplines or categories as read – watch – look and listen, which gives you the impression of a daily updated blog. Still very image-led, i-D online feels pure and very streamlined. A helpful role is played by the personalised stream, which you can create on the site by tagging interesting topics to your own archive at i-D. Hand in hand with this new digital experience on i-D the category ‘watch’ features story-driven original short films, documentary series and episodic content.


With the premiere of M.I.A.’s new video Y.A.L.A. (You Always Live Again), the perfect result of an affiliation between fashion and music was created. The rainbow rave explosion seen in the video of M.I.A. is an original i-D commission in collaboration with KENZO. Being more reflective of the age of fast digital consumption, helps the user to explore their website with a stronger individual and personal component. To get a visual idea of the new i-D online era watch the i-D teaser, of course on full Vice-blast.

Words by Ellen Grace Albers


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