How can you not fall head over heels in love with a hotel named … Amour? And in the City of Love, no less! Brainchild of the graffiti artist and nightclub entrepreneur known as André and Thierry Costes, the Hotel Amour has the right name, is in the right place – up-and-coming SoPi (south Pigalle) – and is tremendously hip. Yet despite the trés cool look it is actually very friendly and welcoming, and has a varied crowd staying, not just scary trendoids. It’s modeled after an old bordello love hotel (after all, that’s exactly what it used to be), and has a charming personality.

Don’t you just love the way the framed photographs are reflected in the black painted ceiling?

Some of the rooms have been decorated by artists: get 50’s schoolgirl retro from photographer Sophie Calle, glow-in-the-dark graphics from the art & design partnership M/M (Paris) and co-owner André’s personal mix of Mr A cushions, customised robots and Terry Richardson photos. Another room is decorated with detective novels and photo mags, while several have cheerful Marimekko print curtains. The Amour keeps it real in a very subtle way: no TV to deplete your energy or telephone to stress you out, instead a comfortable bed, the best shower and a dock for your i-Pod. Perfect. The beds really are wonderful, I mean look at it! Don’t you want to just dive in? Apparently all the beds are by the same company that supplies the Ritz. As I’ve haven’t exactly stayed at the Ritz I can’t vouch for it but they ARE extremely soothing.

The garden cafe in the back features a glimmering koi carp pond, while the snug floor-level bistro is a destination restaurant all its own. Beware the latter – the food is beyond delicious and it is very easy to leave Paris with your waistband feeling a tad tight!

Obviously the location hits all the right buttons. One night I went for a stroll and came across this delightful old-fashioned carousel by the Sacré-Coeur Basilica.

Words by Anna Bang

Photographs by Cynthia Lawrence-John


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