Born in London and handmade in England, HOOK LDN isn’t your average eyewear brand; this is unisex premium eyewear which makes a statement and is driven by the creative expression of music and promoting up-and-coming music talent. It also happens to be dedicated to driving their community to achieve their visions through the HOOK LDN collective of creative minds.
Focusing on the luxury youth market, HOOK LDN provides high quality sunglasses and eyewear beautifully hand-crafted over 120 days, 72 hours of which is spent hand-polishing the incredibly strong triple-layered acetate which the frames are made out of. All of the classic and timeless styles come in an array of vibrant and eye-catching colours. The Parklife and Rhapsody styles are available for both sunglasses and prescription glasses (sunglasses are also available in Supersonic and Blitz styles, and prescription glasses are available in Novello and Kashmir too). There is a really wide and impressive variety of unique colour options too. Frames can be clear, black or tortoise shell, and the vibrant pops of colour that makes HOOK LDN so distinctive come in turquoise, fluorescent orange, yellow and pink.
Representing and promoting the creativity and influence of music (as well as creative minds in all sectors) is part of the spirit of HOOK LDN, as all of the creative team have backgrounds in the music industry, either launching artists’ careers, managing or producing festivals. Supporting the young creative minds that wear HOOK LDN is important to the brand; they want to help the community realise their visions and meet their goals. This is why they’ve set up the HOOK LDN council; a group of young creative minds all striving to achieving their goals and are committed to making their dreams reality. Encouraging the community to share their stories is journalist and TV presenter Billie JD Porter and Max Cocking, as well as Rico Ventura, Julie Adenuga, Billy Huxley and Nada Adelle.
Their newly-launched website (hookldn.com) will have all the styles and colour options, as well as interviews with young designers, photographers and musical talents, HOOK music sessions and street-style photography. They’re dedicated to supporting and nurturing the impressive up-and-coming talent that’s emerging from London and the UK.
Inspiring you to #shareyourvision, HOOK LDN isn’t just an eyewear brand; it’s a community that want you to achieve your vision.
Available from hookldn.com and Harvey Nichols.
Prices start from £85
Photography: Bella Howard
Models: Billie JD Porter, Max Cocking, Rico Ventura, Nada Adelle, Billy Huxley, Julie Adenuga
Words by Annie Lunnon


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