The ’50s had Teddy boys, the 60’s the Beat Generation and hippies, the 70’s Punk, the 80’s Club Culture and the ’90s had Grunge. You might love them or loathe them but there’s no getting away from the dominance of the hipster look. And all things considered, we have this energetic bunch of feinschmeckers much to thank for – decent coffee, artisan food, lovely places to eat, drink, shop and hang out. Whole swathes of previously ‘beyond the pale’ parts of town regenerated and made desirable to live and work in. And the revival of facial hair on men! Although you might deem this look a fairly recent one, the first wave of hipsters actually started in downtown New York City back in the 40’s. Lately, the term has come back into use across North America and Europe. If the look floats your boat, here are some points to consider.

This poster tracks the ‘evolution of the hipster,’ with the 2009 incarnation of the meta-hipster the most commonly seen variant today. As with any fashion vanguard attire, it will look ‘unfashionable’ and/or bizarre to the uninitiated masses. And hipsters are nothing if not exceptionally trend-aware. However, where they lead, eventually the high street will follow. That’s why outdated concepts like tweed jackets and braces have recently been appearing in high street stores, along with more recent revival pieces from the ’80s and ’90s. Try pairing a piece of clothing which would traditionally be deemed unfashionable with other clothes that are achingly trendy for a thrown-together look.


The hipster look might appear casual, but it’s not grungy. Tops should be kept baggy, but bottoms should be tight fitting. For girls this means boyfriend shirts, big cardigans, and cosy scarves. Guys can get the look by throwing a cardigan or jumper over a baggy slogan tee. Tight jeans are always on point for both genders, so pick up some skinny jeans here to get the look.

The culture surrounding hipster fashion is an intellectual one that prides itself on reading marginalised writers, knowing about obscure bands before anyone else, and having strong political opinions. That’s why geek chic and hipster have so many crossover points. Big chunky frames for your glasses, rounded collars, and satchels are perfect for signalling you are every bit as smart as you look.


Shoe wise, if you’re wearing a skirt and want a more formal look, try a pair of patent flats, or old-fashioned brogues for a vintage twist. With your skinny jeans, however, it’s all about dressed down, effortlessly casual, so throw on a pair of hi-tops or Dr. Martens boots.

Words by Anna Bang



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