Awarded App of the year by Apple in 2010, the Hipstamatics revolution has well and truly taken off and is clearly set to grow and grow.

The form of photography which recreates the experience of using an old Hipstamatic analog camera, like those developed by brothers Bruce and Winston Dorbowski in 1982 and invites that sought-after ‘aged’ look.

Born out of the popularity of the Hipstamatics movement is the inevitable Launched in the summer of 2010, this is a blog dedicated to the i-Phone Hipstamatics photography and it brings together some of the best Hipstamatics photographs from around the world in an online photo reel. Anyone can submit a photograph and there are no set criteria as to which are featured, which echoes the original hopes and ideas behind the first analog cameras. These were cameras made for everyone, not purely professionals; they were designed for personal expression. Bruce Dorbowski once said, ‘It doesn’t matter if the photos aren’t prefect. As long as people are capturing memories, I will be happy.’ A beautiful notion in our current climate, which sometimes risks eliminating individual creativity and expression by being so obsessed with seamless perfection.

And now in January 2011, have teamed up with The Orange Dot Gallery in Bloomsbury to bring you
Hipstamatics: An exhibition for Hipstamatics.

This is the first ever exhibition of its kind in the UK, it marks another step in the revolution of Hipstamatics photography and also in the success of the Bloomsbury based gallery and creative space The Orange Dot Gallery.

The exhibition at The Orange Dot Gallery will feature 157 of the best photographs from the website, this being the same number as the amount of original analog cameras which were produced.

Head over to to see the wonderful mix of photographs already submitted and don’t miss the exhibition to view the first ever set of Hipstamatics photographs to be printed and showcased in this way.

54 Tavistock Place,
London WC1H 9RG
14th January – 11th February 2011

Words by Anna Bang


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