DREAM_SEQUENCE_FLOWERHEAD_MPHeist Gallery is currently exhibiting The Road to Elysium, showcasing work by AES+F, Richard Mosse, Amanda Charchian, Laurent Badessi, Kim Keever, Aaron Hobson, Madame Peripetie, Liu Ren and Melvin Sokolsky.

AES+F imagesThe inspiration for this was taken from the ancient Roman poet Virgil’s The Aeneid, the epic story of identity and anxiety about having status as an independent nation.

AARON HOBSON-unorthodoxEach of the works at Heist tells a story of a brave new world in a fantastical way, timeless images that doesn’t belong to any specific era, rather a daydream on paper.

AMANDA CHARCHIAN-saturated sorceryImmerse yourself in the striking photography and installations to enter a dreamlike journey to a utopian world.

The Road to Elysium
43 Linden Gardens
London W2
Till 12 January 2014
+44 (0) 20 7221 0963

Words by Anna Bang



Aaron Hobson, AES+F, Amanda Charchian, anna bang, Heist, Kim Keever, Laurent Badessi, Liu Ren, Madame Peripetie, Melvin Sokolsky, Richard Mosse,