aheidi plant rockpool forager
Heidi Plant Rockpool Forager ©Heidi Plant
Heidi Plant’s new show at Margate’s Resort Studios Gallery reflects her love of the seaside, colour and making up imaginary worlds. She wanted it to feel instant, fresh and to make the viewer really happy. When asked about her inspiration, she mentions the flat colours of animation, kid’s comics, the ephemera you find on the beach after the tide has gone out – what initially looks like chaotic clumps of seaweed but then separates into a section of vibrantly coloured string, beautiful water-worn pieces of driftwood, sandblasted glass and so on. This she has translated into head spinning worlds of colour that infuse you with a child’s excitement, realms populated by Wookie, Barbapapa and Moomin-like creatures, ice cream lollies and cartoon sausages.
aheidi plant fontainbleau
Heidi Plant Fontainbleau ©Heidi Plant
This is miles and miles away from the traditional seaside art of well-meant greys and blues, instead it feels very fresh, fun and modern; the assured handling of colours is like sherbet ice melting in your mouth and you leave feeling invigorated. With Weekend On Marshmallow Mountain, Plant wanted to rebel against what to her seemed like galleries dominated by uninspired art; she wants her work to be a backlash against the feeling that colourful is not the done thing. She has certainly achieved that and much, much more.
Heidi Plant | Weekend On Marshmallow Mountain
Till 5th July
Resort Studios Gallery
50 Athelstan Road
Margate CT9 2BH
Opening hours 11am -2.30pm Mon – Fri, 11am – 4pm Sat & Sun
Or catch a smaller selection of her work in London, where she’ll be exhibiting alongside Nick Morley (LinocutBoy), Charlie Evaristo-Boyce and Kate Harrison.
The London Illustration Fair
Hoxton Arches
London E2 BHD
!0th – 12th July 2015
Words by Anna Bang
aheidi plant icecream island
Heidi Plant Icecream Island ©Heidi Plant


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