Heidi Leung was the 2nd runner up at Fashion Fringe SS/2012 show.

A huggable collection filled with a big dose of humour, optimism and cool understated sexiness.

Photography Zoe Barling | Model Caroline Mead @ IMG Models | Hair Craig Chapman | Make-up Amanda Harrington @ InParlour

Volt Café speaks to Heidi about her inspiration, how she sees her future and life in general.

Volt Café: Tell us about the collection, what was your inspiration and the concept behind it?
Heidi Leung: When I first arrived to UK, people often called me Oriental – so mething that in California can be seen as quite offensive. I then started to think about the contrasts between East Asia and the West. After researching Orientalism and Art History, I mixed these worlds together.

VC: Your collection was visually very strong. How involved were you in the whole process of hair, make up, casting and sound?
HL: For me the styling process is very important; it is something I can see myself doing more of in the future. Generating a concept and turning the ideas into reality is what I enjoy the most. I could never have managed to get my collection together without help from my dear uncle who is a tailor and the best pattern cutter ever.
For the actual styling I wanted to create a laid-back surfer girl feel using young models, relaxed beach hair and neutral make up shown with a re-mixed soundtrack which included Beastie Boys.
With help from the team at Fashion Fringe the concept came out just as I had imagined – fun and exciting like a high school prom night!

VC: The colours in your collection were mainly camel, green, orange and blue. Quite understated and clean but at the same time showing a lot of layers and detailing. How would you describe yourself as a designer?
HL: I am the very opposite of a minimalist. I love stuff! I love illustrating and can not leave an empty space in my drawings. I fill them with dots all over and tend to do lots of layers on top of each other. Even if it may look quite easy and light on the hanger there is a lot of work and thought behind each garment. For example the camel coat – that was made from 6 meters of fabric!

VC: The flower shoes where amazing, where did that idea come from?
HL: I used mainly four shades and needed a splash of colour so decided to let it drop down into the shoes! The result was the flats made from multiple flowers.

VC: Where do you see yourself going next?
HL: At the moment I am taking it as it comes and we’ll see where it will carry me. I am very open. My boyfriend is a photographer and I would love to work together with him some time in the future.

We are excited about Heidi’s next move – until then we just want to walk on flowers.

Ian Gavan @ Getty Images for Fashion Fringe

Words | Emelie Hultqvist


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