Photograph of Rachel Dudley and Cassie Beadle by Toby Ross Southall

March 2011 sees the launch of Guts for Garters, a new concept store in Camden, London. Another step in the right direction for Camden to move forward, away from the rather worn and tired look of touristy Camden Market into a glorious 21st Century, full of shops and galleries you actually want to visit.

Founded by Rachel Chudley and Cassie Beadle, both graduates of the Courtauld Institute, Guts for Garters aims to offer a new perspective on art, fashion and design and also provide an alternative arena where it is to be viewed, desired and accessible to all. By the looks of it they’ve achieved exactly that.

Architects Lowarch and Lowarch have transformed the space – previously an old Victorian butcher shop – into a stunning gallery space made from corridors of glass. And Rachel and Cassie have been working with artists to create commissioned pieces and have asked designers to delve into their archives for Guts for Garters from objets d’art to haute couture.

The artists include Jamie Reid and Keith Coventry as well as MA students from the RCA. Fashion Houses producing archive pieces include Vivienne Westwood and Norman Hartnell. Alongside these more traditional names will be new emerging designers such as Child of the Jago, Andrew Walker and Grace de Prez. As if that isn’t plenty, there will also be vintage items dating back to the Victorian era!

The boutique has a unique concept where it will be run through three different installations based on a theme that will dictate what style of products will be on sale. To start off, the theme is ‘Royal We’. The themes will change three times a year and run for periods of around six weeks at a time.

As Art Historians, Rachel and Cassie are combining their ideas as a means of emphasizing how vital artistic collaboration and creativity is in times of recession. They do not wholly believe in the commercial art gallery nor do they believe in the throwaway culture of the high street. Guts for Garters aims to highlight the importance of genuine creativity as investment as well as quality over quantity.

As Rachel puts it, ‘Guts for Garters strives to create without destroying. Making new works with old clothes, furniture and art, we look to the future while conserving what resources we have. As a rebellion against the mass reproduction and unscrupulous manufacturing of many shops and brands, Guts for Garters have sourced artists and designers who hand make every product, and who will be credited for their passion and skill.’

Guts for Garters
205 Royal College Street
London NW1
+44 7870 690 645

Words by Anna Bang


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