Norwegian boutique hotel Grims Grenka was the perfect soothing contrast to the relentless sunshine I’d experienced when I arrived in Oslo. What happened to the stormy Scando skies I’d been expecting from paintings by Edvard Munch and Fritz Thaulow? The minute I entered the hotel, the muted colour scheme and perfect service was just a balm to the soul. And there’s a Nespresso bar in the lobby where you can re-wire yourself in the morning, utter bliss. In my opinion every hotel should have this, just such a great way to get a quick blast of caffeine energy on your way out!

The room was a peaceful oasis of minimalist great taste with a bathroom full of delicious pampering treats and a shower to die for. The series of rooms were laid out beautifully and made you feel as if you were staying in a really great loft apartment in NYC. The bed was like a cosy nest of pillows and duvets (yes two! Awesome idea, no fighting over the duvet at Grims Grenka…). Pure perfection. And blissfully quiet. I saw other guests in the lobby but once in the room, you felt as if you were the only person there, which is a rare thing indeed.

Oslo is full of stunning architecture mixed in with the more traditional wood-clad houses. The rooftop bar at Grims Grenka provides a great opportunity to admire this while appreciating the view of mountains and sea. Essentially the best of city life and nature, which pretty much sums up the way the clever Oslo citizens like to live their lives.

First Hotel Grims Grenka
Kongens gate 5
0153 Oslo

Words by Anna Bang


Grims Grenka,