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Fleck: ‘It was physically and mentally exhausting but I’m glad that I persevered, even if I was nicknamed crazy carpet lady.’

Georgia Fleck is a graduate from Central Saint Martins, a risk taker with a passion for colour and material.
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For her final major project she began her research by visiting the locations that her grandmother used to perform in during her time as a dancer in the 70’s and 80’s. The project focuses on her passion for the mundane, taking references from dilapidated bingo halls and theatres.

It was her need for challenges that initially drew her into working with carpets. Fleck explored a new use for unwanted materials, with a focus on up-cycling. In the process she took everyday materials and explored them through the use of non-traditional methods of carpet construction. By experimenting with techniques such as acid dye, screen-printing, stitch, shaving and collage, she has managed to bring new life to an underappreciated fabric.
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Fleck is currently interning at Vanderhurd, a studio based in Portobello that specialises in bespoke carpets and screen-printed textiles. In September she will be exhibiting her work as part of The Intelligent Optimist exhibition, presented by Central Saint Martins and linked to the London Design Festival.

Words by Sophie van Hasselt


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