Turkish Shawl

There’s a growing trend for ‘civilians’ to get a chance to meet the actual artists. Sometimes it’s a one-off chance, such as the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Sale or the yearly opening of a studio space to the general public. I think this is a great move – anything that removes the perceived preciousness from art can only be a good thing.
At Sandra Higgins’ Gallery Petit, you get to see the art in an inviting, home-style environment. Sandra is on hand to tell you about the pieces and is very happy to share her extensive knowledge about art. As an independent Art Advisor with an MA in Fine Art, a guide for the Tate and a curator for exhibitions at Blacks Club in Soho amongst others, she is clearly very well equipped for this role.
She has recently begun a series of Private Receptions to meet selected artists in her gallery at home. Sandra usually reserves the drinks parties for her close contacts and art buyers that she has built a relationship with but as the price list of her current exhibition of Helen O’Keefe’s wonderfully colourful, multi dimensional works shows, you don’t have to spend a fortune. And it is a rare chance to experience an Art Salon in the style of what I imagine the great Chelsea Arts Club to be!
Appointments can be booked from the information available at Sandra’s website – www.sandrahiggins.com – and then you can build your relationship from here.

All works by Helen O’Keefe, which is on show till the 13th June.

Words by Anna Bang


Warm Trees


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