This delightful and consistently interesting Berlin-based online magazine is going international. Having operated out of Berlin for the past 2 years, Freunde von Freunden will now introduce new content from London, Paris, LA, and Sao Paulo while remaining faithful to Berlin.

For those not familiar with FvF, it can best be described as the Selby with a North European slant, documenting creatives of all stripes and taking an interest in their everyday routines. Just try not to get too wistful looking at one drop-dead gorgeous massive flat after the other – space is clearly not an issue in Berlin. It can at times be all too easy to feel like a sooty Victorian waif pressing your nose up against the imaginary windowpane of effortless ‘slow’ living that seem to dominate life in arty Berlin, where one meanders with a wicker shopping basket here and rearranges one’s Danish design furniture classics there. Making London feel even more like a mad race on a hamster wheel to cover the rent, travel, food, gaah! This pointless yearning aside, FvF describes itself as an exclusive look behind the city’s cultural curtain covering friends from the fields of art, design, fashion and music. Hence the name, which means friends of friends.

Hitherto FvF has been mainly in German, with the odd surprise English guest popping up. If you feel the language would be a barrier (although their photos are glorious anyway and can make the experience quite dreamy as you wonder what this or that person actually does for a living and try to interpret their lives based on the content of their kitchen table or similar) fear not, the updated website will be all localised and with multilingual support – Paris will launch in French with English translation. A video about Joseph Dirand, for instance, will launch in French with English subtitles. German interviews will launch in German with English translation. Sao Paulo in Portuguese with English translation and so on. Pretty nifty actually.

Words by Anna Bang

All images of Knitwear Designers Sibling
Photographs by Jean-Philippe Woodland


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