For the Blank Canvas collection Fred Perry collaborated with the witty and always unabashedly rebellious Jamie Reid. An exciting match, as Fred Perry has its roots deep in British youth culture and Reid is of course such a radical legend. To further celebrate this interesting collaboration Fred Perry also asked Peter De Potter to be a part of it by making a series of unique concept videos and gifs.

Jamie Reid has always been driven by political activism and personal empowerment. Most people know him for his work with the Sex Pistols and Suburban Press, but there is so much more behind this honest and talented artist. Through his work he shows us how we can mobilise our energy and spirituality. With his unique vision he shows us a way to make the world a better place; he shows this with a savage humour and passionate anger.


The Blank Canvas collection consists out of three polo shirts. The first shirt, with the text ‘A Short Sharp Shock’ is based on an artwork from 1987, highlighting Reid’s connection to the punk movement. The second shirt is a reminder of his significant work with the Sex Pistols. This shirt features an image of Liberty Leading the People in revolt, the phrase ‘Peace is Tough’ and Boudicca shaking her spear at the Houses of Parliament. ‘Time for Magic’ is the last polo shirt, with the artist’s most recent work. The shirt has been screen-printed with a hare symbol. This is the symbol of freethinking, an important notion for Reid. All polo shirts are finished with his trademark OVA logo embroidered.

teaser gif 4 by Peter De Potter for Fred Perry Jamie Reid Blank Canvas Collection.

The art work de Potter made is featured at Dover Street Market, where the pre-launch of this exiting collaboration took place. De Potter is known for his work with Raf Simons from 2001 till 2010. Right now he has three running projects on three different Tumblr websites, the place of choice for de Potter to showcase his work.

For this project the artist had access to Jamie Reid’s archives. He combined this material with new collages made from screenshots and film footage from a shoot he did for this project. For his worked he reworked familiar symbols of Reid like the OVA circle, the hare, Boudicca and so on. The name de Potter gave to this project is ‘Jamie Re-imagined’. ‘Re-imagining’ is important for De Potter at the moment; he is also exploring it in his own work. For him this is more an evocation of a kind of psychological or emotional state. Rather than a pamphlet or a tribute, the films are De Potter’s way of honouring the legacy and ongoing genius of Jamie Reid.

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Words by Nikki Neervens

teaser-gif-2 by Peter De Potter for Fred Perry Jamie Reid Blank Canvas Collection.


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