Fred Perry’s latest campaign tells the story of the unique heritage and music subcultures that the Fred Perry brand more than any other item of clothing have been associated with for over 50 years. Tell Us Your Story brings the untold accounts of the original Fred Perry shirt to life. How the Mods adopted the shirt; where the famous ‘tipping’ originated, why the classic Black/Champagne/Champagne tipped shirt has become so synonymous with music and who the ‘Perry’ boys were.
Fred Perry is looking for unique stories and images to illustrate the unparalleled relationship that the brand has with music and street culture all over the world.
The format is simple as the best ideas always are: you submit your image or video of yourself wearing Fred Perry and add a short story about your memories of this true fashion classic. Visitors to the Fred Perry site vote for the picture or story they like the most and the entry with the most votes can win a monthly prize, which could include a final cash prize of £5,000!!!


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