Photographer – Francesca Allen
Hair and Makeup – Scarlett Burton
Styling – Ava Asaadi and Camille Auclair
Models – Pia at M+P and Alexandra at Storm
Ava: ‘Camille and I became friends the first day we met at CSM. For each project we did there were always some similarities in ideas, colour and techniques even though we hadn’t spoken to each other about what we were doing. We’d even come into college wearing coordinating outfits, completely by accident, so I guess this collaboration was meant to be?’
Ava:’ Our aesthetics differ a lot when looking at our work individually, but when the knitted pieces were combined they compliment one another and added an unique quality that completed each of our designs. We are both naturally drawn to 1970s imagery when looking for inspiration so it made sense to collaborate for our final collection. We were particularly interested in the surreal and voyeuristic mood created in the interior magazines and found hilarity in the bizarre arrangement of every day objects in the images. Neither of us take our work too seriously and approach it with spontaneity, which may explain the humour behind our collection.’


Alexandra at Storm, Ava Asaadi, Camille Auclair, Francesca Allen, Pia at M+P, Scarlett Burton,