Fornasetti Burlesque candle with Otto scent

New designs from Fornasetti are always exciting, but I do think this latest series is particularly stunning. Okay, you may baulk at the price but once you start breaking it down it’s not that bad. Ordinary scented candles in a plain glass retail at £38 for 200 gr.

Reverse of the Burlesque candle

Here you get 300 gr in a stunning vessel with a lid, which is a unique Fornasetti design keepsake. And the candle itself smells heavenly, and unlike a scent you’re unlikely to have encountered already burning in your local boutique. Thus somewhat special.

Flora di Fornasetti candle

The new scent Flora di Fornasetti is a beautiful and elegant white floral bouquet that makes its Fornasetti Profumi debut in the form of a scented candle. This scent is inspired not only by the lush flora that fills the gardens around the Fornasetti house in Milan but also by the floral imagery created by Piero Fornasetti and taken from the vast archive.

The image that adorns this first candle is the haunting face of operatic muse Lina Cavalieri in the guise of the mythical fertility goddess Flora which is one of the most iconic designs from the Tema e Variazioni collection.
Both Burlesque and Flora di Fornasetti candles retail at £99 for 300 gr or €395 for 1.9 kg
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Selfridges (London)  0800 123 400
Couture Lab +44 (0)20 7499 7082 /
Fortnum & Mason +44(0)20 7734 8040
Fornasetti (Milan)
10 Corso Como (Milan)

Words by Anna Bang


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