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Even for anyone not familiar with the work of Fornasetti, a visit to the latest concept store in London’s Selfridges would be an amazing experience. Nothing you read here can prepare you for the sheer abundance of beautiful patterns and drawings on a variety of objects. The sheer scale of imagination shown in the pieces on display is unrivalled. The appropriately named Wonder Room at Selfridges will house the largest collection of Fornasetti products available for sale ever assembled in one place in the UK. Not just that, but the new Fornasetti Profumi Per La Casa is launching to coincide with the concept store. A very alluring fragrance, the kind men ought to buy because that is really how we’d like you to smell and the kind women will buy to swoon over. As you’d expect the brand’s first fragrance line pays homage to the ceramic heritage, beautifully presented in a variety of Fornasetti-adorned receptacles, giving you a double treat by not just providing the fragrance but afterwards, an amazing Fornasetti keepsake! As of now it is available as a scented candle, incense box and room spray but I suggest making it not just Per La Casa but available as a scent Per L’Uomo as well.

This is the first time since the V&A exhibition 19 years ago that this much Fornasetti has been assembled in one room. Despite the sheer abundance of designs on display you never feel overwhelmed. Maybe it is down to very simple and clean shapes? Piero Fornasetti, a Milanese painter, sculptor, interior decorator, engraver of books was incredibly prolific and created more than 11,000 products. He famously stated that the pleasure of being a collector is the sense of tranquillity it brings. Just being in the Fornasetti environment makes you feel alternatively not only tranquil but also amused, enraptured, and full of creativity! Sadly the concept store is just there for one short month so I urge you to go while you can.

Opening day: Thursday 23rd September for one month
Location: The Concept Store in Selfridges’ Wonder Room

Words by Anna Bang

Chair Lux Gstaad

Round tray Ultime Notizie

Plate Tema e Variazioni

Chair Ultime Notizie

Incense Box Pensee


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