Dover Street Market always endeavour to make your eyes pop! This Christmas more than ever… Not only were Comme des Garçons inspired by the manic colours in the work of ‘assume vivid astro focus’ (avaf), a visual and performance artist group, they designed and curated a concoction of limited edition products in all kinds of mad colours!
The products include mini rucksacks, polka dot teddy bears, colourful resin jewellery from Thai designer, Ek Thongprasert, men’s heavy metal chain necklace from Florian of Austria, a lego block ornament from New York’s Nathan Sawaya, a hand made papier maché covered perfume bottle, not to mention the multicoloured patchwork knits and PLAY t shirts, some with matching satchels, all from Comme des Garçons.
Each item has a hang tag showing the work of avaf, and comes wrapped in a carrier bag, featuring the same art work, which could come in pink, blue or yellow, depending on your luck.
Comme des MERRY HAPPY CRAZY COLOUR with a host of amazing limited edition pieces AND a brand new window featuring a wondrous lifesize elephant by the artist Stephanie Quayle.
How can you possibly resist?

Words by Anna Bang


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