With a heritage that dates back to 1924, Belstaff is a name that simultaneously embodies tradition, craftsmanship and a rather timeless and robust style. The rising phoenix logo is perfect for such an iconic brand, one that has more than earned its stripes through the years.
Their leather jackets could be considered essential wear for motorcyclists, aviators and heroes alike! You somehow feel that throwing one over your shoulders immediately transmogrifies you into one of these roles.
The S/S 2011 Hybrid Collection is built upon three pillars that make up the genius behind the collection: Weight, performance and time. You look amazing in Belstaff, yet the garments are never wearing you.
Hybrid Man presents a contrast between the way the avant-garde materials have been paired with traditional cut, thus producing a very exciting concept. The color palette ranges from luxurious indigo to soft dove grey whilst the leathers are dark. Perfect for anytime and any season.
Hybrid Woman features rustic earth tones, which are beautifully matched up with lilacs. The garments just have that relaxed cool that will easily take you from casual daywear to evening. The Hybrid Collection uses vintage fabrics that are virtually weightless and which feel like second skin when worn.

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Words by Nada Dahab


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