Sometimes we like to be alone

With the internet the world turned pocketsize overnight.
Living, working and moving around the world went from dream to being reality and friends and family all over the world could easily be reached with the help of social communities like facebook, blogs, twitter and skype.
But in our everyday life pictures and reflections can be forgotten.
Could images be a new way of communicating?
Two friends from Copenhagen that live apart on two different continents started a very candid and visual diary, where they every day exchange thoughts, memories and views. Volt Cafe managed to get an interview with this secretive pair. Meet

Volt Cafe When, where and why did you start the blog?
FYVM We started it the 3rd of April 2009 when we were working together in Copenhagen. We constantly came across loads of cool icons, good photography and great music, so we decided to create a small space where we could share the things we found.
VC How did you come up with the idea?
FYVM The idea about a photo with a small caption just evolved. We didn’t discuss the “We…” construction to begin with, but just found out that it worked surprisingly well and kept going with it.
VC What is your background?
FYVM We are from Copenhagen and met each other at university. Both of us are still in academia but continue to pick up work in writing, editing, politics and fashion. Photography is just a hobby for both of us.
VC Has being from Denmark affected your way of thinking?
FYVM Good question, never really gave it much thought. Maybe the fact that Denmark is a small country has given us the lust and desire to explore other countries and other ways to live your life than the way you can do in Denmark. It is always interesting to see how other people live and interact with each other, and that it can be done in so many different ways.
VC Would you stop the blog if you moved to the same city?
VC Do you have a goal with the blog? To share the joy of communication? Or a potential book? Or is it the creative aspect?
FYVM To have a blog does not make you a creative person. We find it to be a good way to stay in touch and a good way to collect beautiful images and memories. Plus, since the number of visitors exploded it has also become an obligation to keep our readers fixed. We have been thinking about the potential of publishing a book or something similar, but we are still considering…
VC Inspiring blogs, photographers, artists, designers? Share with us!
FYVM David Bowie. Albert Camus. Arcade Fire. Unhappyhipsters. Patrick O’Dell. Ernest Hemingway. Virginia Woolf. Mike Giant blah blah…Look at our blog!
VC What’s your following like? Where is it most popular?
FYVM Denmark of course! But it’s also big in Germany, UK, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. Slowly folks in the US are starting to follow it.
VC What kind of reactions be they good or bad have you had from reviewers?
FYVM We get lots of mails with both appreciation in general and also links to photos- often personal photos – the readers think would fit the blog and of course we have lots of feedback on the FYVM facebook-fanpage, that some of our followers created. We are very happy to receive mails and aim to answer quickly.
VC Why the name?!
FYVM We changed it a few times until we got to fuckyouverymuch. We are happy with it and it seems that people remember it and get back to visit again.

Have a look into their world at the blog you won’t forget the name of in a hurry –

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We like details

We like to hug

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