Aagot 91 years old

Lisbeth Bang’s exhibition Et Menneske er et Menneske er et Menneske (A Human is a Human is a Human) shows us that despite the often depressing way older people are portrayed in the media, either made out to be useless beings that are slowing down our oh-so-important way of life or a drain on the economy because they are living ‘too long’, the reality can be different. Her exuberant portraits show a bunch of seniors who are very much enjoying their lives and their lifestyle. These studies, accompanied by short pieces of text about each sitter explaining what makes them who they are, makes you realise that what you get back from life pretty much correlates with what you put in to it in the first place.

The one thing they all mention is how important your family, friends and neighbours are. And to keep working, being active. Travelling is also crucial to them. Exercise. Fresh air. This is turning into a great blue print for how to live your life beautifully!

Take Aagot, 93 years old (pictured above). Loves travelling, always walked to work and feels no different now to how she did when she was younger. She also loves playing cards.

Ingri, 95 years old

Ingri, 95 years old, admits she is a creature of habit. She is a testament to her lifestyle of starting the day with a large glass of water and an apple. Ingri loves pickled herrings and sardines and lives on blueberries, which she supplements with cod liver oil. She was the ‘runt of the litter’ when she was a child so have been taking cod liver oil for 90 years. If you have ever tasted that stuff you realise just how amazing that is. She enjoys everything in moderation, exercises every day and loves fresh air. Basically she lives the life we should all aspire to. She very sweetly suggests that the way she lives is how we’re told to live in the magazines ‘yet there aren’t very many following it’. The main thing for her is to not give up. She’s keen to stress she doesn’t think she’s special in any way but I think she is and I’d also love for her to write a book on healthy living.

Tore-Bjørn, 81 years old (shown with his old wrestling partner Rolf)

I love Tore-Bjørn, 81 years old, in his wrestling outfit and the fact he still does wood carving every week. He doesn’t wrestle any longer but goes to the fitness centre and cycles instead.

Ragna, 90 years old

The very stylish Ragna is 90 years old, did an MA in Arts and Crafts at the age of 58 and has published a book on Batik Printing. She’s kept fit with a mixture of biking, swimming and crosscountry skiing and still does as much as she can. The skirt was bought in Sri Lanka as a present to herself after she passed her MA and the hat is by Mona Strand.

Et Menneske er Et Menneske er Et Menneske
In conjunction with After She Turned 70 by Vicky Hodgson
Till 26th August 2012


All images © Lisbeth Bang


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