EQUINOX MADE ME DO IT - RANKIN - HammerThat whole lemming-like ‘let’s all go on a diet NOW’ trope that January invariably brings can feel very uninspiring. Especially when you still have the Christmas carb overload clouding your judgment, its siren call urging you to put it off just one. more. day. On the other hand, it looks as if all my gay mates on Facebook have been carefully waiting for this very moment to reveal honey coloured hardbodies, the well-earned result of months of hard work. You can’t argue with a sculpted six pack and a carefully honed TVA (transversus abdominis). Add my boyfriend’s latest nickname for me, one that I really don’t care for one bit, even if uttered sotto voce. ‘Chunky Anna’. Ooph. Something clearly has to be done.

Equinox worked with the renowned photographer Rankin to create a series of shots portraying people (ok: models) in different situations. These images are fun yet inspiring, taking any connotations of having to wear the proverbial hairshirt in order to get fit. Each scenario highlights the energy and pride you feel in the aftermath of a great workout. The confidence and empowerment associated with pushing yourself that little bit further. You may not want to shave your head or have twins with a tattooed lovely just yet but you can decide that you’ll brave an early winter morning to go for a run. One step at a time. There’s always time for the tiger and some vintage radiator hanky-panky at a later date.

EQUINOX MADE ME DO IT - RANKIN - Shaved HeadI like the suggestion that exercise brings confidence and feelings of pride and approval – something that Equinox wanted to showcase and celebrate. Quotes from their press release about ‘owning the consequences’ and ‘high performance living’ may sound like hyperbole but you can also take something empowering from it. At the end of the day it’s up to you whether you want to own the consequences of all-out slothfulness (admittedly getting a bit old now) or own the consequences of using your body rather than staying in a cosy ménage a trois with Netflix and the sofa for the rest of your life.

EQUINOX MADE ME DO IT - RANKIN - HandcuffedSo it might not be the reflection in the mirror, your partner’s gentle teasing or Equinox that made you do it. Hopefully you yourself made you do it. Maybe these images will spur you on to (as Nike would say) just do it.

Equinox is currently promoting the campaign across digital, social and print using the hashtag #equinoxmademedoit.

Words by Anna Bang



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