To my boyfriend’s wheelchair-bound mother a trip to the supermarket is a way of experiencing colour and life which gives her immense pleasure. Looking at the illustrations in this book I wish I could take her to a Mexican supermarket…
The design of packaging plays an important part in our lives and it is one way a culture forges its identity. El Súper (Ciudad de México) edited by Kurt Hollander is a book of photographs of everyday consumer goods (from candy to salads to beer and cigarettes) which offers an excellent sampling of the classic, kitsch, unusual, and marvelous packaging and labels of contemporary Mexico. To place things in their wider context, there are also photographs of supermarkets, stores, outdoor markets, and street vendors. An essay deals with the historical background of the design of contemporary products and the alimentary habits of modern Mexico, as well as the place of Mexican products in the age of global consumerism. Fabulous book brimming with mouthwatering colours.

‘El Súper’ Edited by Kurt Hollander. Photographs by Adam Wiseman
Published by Editorial RM


Editorial RM, El Super,