ed1The colour indigo is a longterm favourite. Although I can’t pronounce it correctly, it is one of those hues that somehow always seems right, and one that improves with age. Be that your age or the age of your garment. It is also flattering to any skin tone.

Indigo was originally derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria. The same dye is contained in the woad plant, Isatis tinctoria, for a long time the main source of blue dye in Europe. Woad, another word that is evocative of ancient times, was replaced by true indigo as trade routes opened up, and sadly for us romantics, both are now largely replaced by synthetic dyes.

ed3Edwin’s Indigo Line is a small capsule collection of indigo-based jersey and woven products. The characteristics of the natural indigo fabrics are inbuilt to change, twist and fade, evolving and enhancing the appearance of the garment over time.

ed2The light-padded Work Jacket and 55 Chino pant are offered in dark indigo dobby, alongside indigo cotton rib jersey styles including the College Crew, Huey Long Sleeve and Marvin Tee.
The collection is completed with the addition of Indigo Dobby and Herringbone shirting.

Available now from Edwin Stores, selected retailers and online.

Words by Anna Bang


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