Digital Disturbances

Examining the influence of digital concepts and tools on fashion, this exhibition will show the sometimes strange effects that emerge from interactions across material and virtual platforms.

Seven designers and creative teams will present their work, which will feature content such as the remixing of images and bodies in photography and film, installations and innovative design.

Until 12th December 2015
Fashion Space Gallery
20 John Princes Street
London W1G 0BJ


After The Fall | Berlin 1990 – 2000

This exhibit captures a period during one of the biggest political changes in recent history: the fall of the Berlin Wall. Photography, film, documentaries and readings from experts will reveal how East Berlin, full of disused spaces and abandoned buildings, erupted into life.

The curators explain: “Post Wall, Berlin was the perfect breeding ground for the youth culture that would dominate the 90s and change the way we look at the city forever – techno!”

East Berlin was full of disused spaces and abandoned buildings, just waiting to come to life again. It wasn’t clear who owned these warehouses and deserted office blocks, which led the techno pioneers to take over and set up shop.

Clubs, galleries, squats, studios and workshops soon sprung up – only to disappear again a few weeks later. Within a short space of time Berlin had become the focal point of a new culture.
Among those early techno aficionados were writers, artists, photographers, musicians and fashion designers. Techno quickly developed into a lifestyle and mass movement, finding its most exhilarating expression in the Love Parade.

Until 18th October 2015
Red Gallery
1-2 Rivington Street
London EC2A 3DT


Liam Ryan: The Hungry Eye

Fancy changing oil paintings? Check out Liam Ryan’s exhibition at the Residence Gallery. Ryan created the paintings over the last two years, aimed at ‘the purity of imagination and resisting contextualisation in the frames of conceptual or political art’.

Until 18th October 2015
The Residence Gallery
229 Victoria Park Road
London E9 7HD

Wang Qingsong

Wang Qingsong is an artist known for his meticulously staged photographs: cinematic and darkly humorous in nature. His deeply symbolic works explores the milieu of contemporary China. He is showcasing this through an impressive array of photography and film.

Until 24th October 2015
Beetles and Huxley
3-5 Swallow Street
London W1B 4DE

Wang Qingsong


















Designers in Residence 2015 | Migration

Four designers have spent four months designing projects on the theme of migration. Architectural designer Chris Green, product designer Stephanie Hornig, interdisciplinary designer Hefin Jones and narrative designer Alexa Pollmann explored the intersection of fashion and technology.

Prepare to see plenty of creative innovation with drones, opera, daybeds and the conversion of a coalmine into an astronaut-training centre.

Until 31st March 2016
Design Museum
28 Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD

Ai Weiwei 

There is plenty of excitement about this Chinese conceptual artist and cultural phenomenon and deservedly so. Not only has Ai Weiwei taken over the main gallery space at the Royal Academy with his provocative and visionary works, his Tree – consisting ofeight individual trees placed together in the Annenberg Courtyard – will be the largest single gathering of Tree to date. The scale and ambition of this work, which is the first thing you see as you enter the courtyard, willreflect the broader aspirations and scope of Ai Weiwei in the Main Galleries.

The notion of creative and political freedom is the main theme. Unexpected large-scaleinstallations such as an enormous structure made from ninety tonnes of contorted steel rods as well as smaller pieces made from marble, glass and tea are presented.

Until 13th December 2015
Royal Academy of Arts
Burlington House
London W1J 0BD


ai weiwei

















Prem Sahib | Side On

Prem Sahib is an experimental artist, who hasa strong interest in the atmosphere and architecture of meeting places – specifically those meeting places for gay communities such as clubs, other cruising locations and the internet. Through sculpture, paintings and performance, he showcases deeply intimate creations, which gravitate towards sexuality, relationships and desire.

Until 15th November 2015
Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH

Jon Rafman

Environments, film, sculpture and photographs which blur the distinction between the real and the virtual. Step into the virtual reality called ‘The Oculus Rift’, a fabricated environment where the imaginable becomes tangible.

From the 8th October to 20th December 2015
Zabludowicz Collection
176 Prince of Wales Road
London NW5 3PT


– An interview with Jon Rafman

Words by Sophie van Hasselt


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