Diane Pernet Paris by Alan Gelati

Diane Pernet by Alan Gelati

Diane Pernet. A legendary figure to anyone who cares about fashion, she is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she has been a fashion designer with her own successful brand in New York, as well as a costume designer, photographer and filmmaker. This fusion of experience was significant in the founding of A Shaded View On Fashion and also ASVOFF, A Shaded View on Fashion Film. And where would be a more perfect place to showcase Diane Pernet’s new line of fragrances than Liberty, known for its heritage and constant search for innovative products and projects, items that you trust because you know they are coherent with the Liberty ethos.

For a short time the beauty windows of Liberty will showcase the four one-of-a-kind fragrances created by Diane Pernet and Celso Fadelli, the CEO of Intertrade Group with his team of master perfumers. This collection of fragrances with their evocative names – Shaded, Wanted, In Pursuit Of Magic and To Be Honest was unveiled last September and is currently available in all Avery Perfume Gallery stores worldwide.


Volt Café was honoured to meet up with the iconic fashion luminary – despite my trepidation she was both genuine and warm, a delight to interview. A true star, resplendent in her trademark black, shades and a slash of lipstick; the Gothic wood panelled surround of Liberty’s Heritage Suite was tailormade for her.

Volt Café: Tell me about the inspiration behind the fragrances?
Diane Pernet: When I was a fashion designer it was always my dream to put out a line of fragrances. Four years ago it was the time to do it. Four fragrances. I love woody notes. To create a fragrance that reminds me of walking in woods and the smell of incence in churches. I love the idea of the country – but after two or three days of arranging roses and breathing in the fresh air, you get bored. So I wanted to bring the country to the city with my perfume! It was a long journey… I felt they didn’t understand my universe but then one ’nose’ kept delivering the best scents. After one year we finally met, much better to work directly. I ended up with two woody scents, one citrus-y and one marine.

VC: You are the ‘original blogger’ who gave enormous credence to fashion blogging. Do you feel like you unleashed a wild animal? Not all blogs are great but most bloggers think highly of themselves regardless. Fashion weeks are very changed now, with more established fashion personalities getting overlooked in favour of young bloggers.
DP: I celebrated my tenth anniversary on the 5th February. Many blogs now are a business. ‘Shop & Point’ blogs. Very lucrative. I didn’t and still don’t. I enjoy feeding people inspiration and being inspired. It feels very organic to me. I think the cream will always rise. Susie Bubble was inspired by me. I love Jak&Jill – it’s about seeing that little detail. In a way some blogs have taken over from trend forecasters – why pay someone when you can just go to Tokyo Dandy for instance to see what’s worn on the streets of Tokyo? My go-to blog is Business of Fashion, their writers are very knowledgeable.

VC: You are very inclusive, always encouraging people to make films and you promote other people’s work. Unusual in fashion. Do you regard inclusivity as necessary in order for fashion to keep evolving?
DP: I wish they wouldn’t keep dusting off these old houses – if the person who started them is dead, they should do something completely new. I like to give a platform. I’ve started a lot of writers, artists and filmmakers. It’s about quality rather than quantity. Just like clothes. If I like something, I’ll wear it till it falls apart.

With thanks to Diane Pernet

Words by Anna Bang 


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