According to my friend, a self-proclaimed expert on all things Mexican, burritos don’t even exist in Mexico. Wow. Stunned silence. After conferring with Wikipedia, I’m afraid it does, there was a photo and everything. Definitely a burrito! Although burritos are one of the best known examples of Mexican cuisine outside of Mexico, in Mexico for some reason they are only popular in the northern part of the country. Mexicans know it as a taco de harina as well as a burrito.

Death By Burrito is a very chilled Mexican grill and cocktail bar founded by Shay Ola of underground experimental concept the Rebel Dining Society. Located at Catch bar at the beginning of Kingsland Road, the place is very dark and woody and reminded me of Bowery style bars in New York. There’s a tiny billiard table at one end and you’re encouraged to share booths. Which is fun once you get over that initial English thing of visibly shuddering at the thought of possibly touching another human being by accident.

The very patient staff is beyond attentive and the place has an air of frenetic fun, definitely helped along by the wild cocktails; there’s an exclusive Tequila only cocktail list with Jose Cuervo Tradicional to go along with the street-food style menu. I had a Taqueria Toreador, which was a super-charged slushy of Jose Cuervo, abricot, lime, celery seed and agave nectar that could easily turn this lady into a lush-y. Very  very more-ish. The Pink Paloma consisted of Jose Cuervo Tradicional, raspberry, Aperol and homemade vanilla salted grapefruit soda. Divine. The beer list is pretty fine too, I spotted Brooklyn Lager, Anchor Steam and Hackney Brewery Ale amongst many others. My Goose Island IPA was exemplary.

But what about the burritos, I hear you say?

Granted, I was pretty lit by then (those cocktails are strong) but the grilled duck breast & chimichurri burrito I had was just delicious. Served with ‘deconstructed’ guacamole and blue corn chips it hit the spot. The kind of food where you find yourself making little growling noises as you eat it. So good. There are plenty of vegetarian options as well.

On the 1st November from 10PM till late there’s a huge free party to launch their new sauce, the scarily named Death Sauce! 2 cocktails for the price of 1! 200 bottles of Death Sauce to give away! Upstairs DJ sets from Love Fever, Solar, Manhattan Mondays and Clash Magazine DJs. Downstairs Todd Hart will be bringing the Dalston heat.

Death By Burrito at Catch
22 Kingsland Road
London E2 8DA
Monday – Saturday 5pm – 10pm

Words by Anna Bang


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