Much as the at times utter American po-facedness of this short annoyed me (till lovely Willem Dafoe came on and summed up what’s wrong with me in his gravelly voice… Sorry, what? That was a general message? Oh) essentially it has its big lovely heart in the right place! See, it has changed me already… Look out for fierce art-goddess Marina Abramovich! And Beth Ditto! And Tilda Swinton

Stand Up and Be the Change is a video message penned by the Dalai Lama featuring Gorillaz, Tilda Swinton, Stella McCartney, Willem Dafoe, Beth Ditto, Jarvis Cocker, Alison Mosshart, Michael Stipe and Grimes.

Stand Up and Be the Change is calling for the urgent need to foster a culture of non-violence and global peace in 2012. The film was shot by Rankin and produced by Dazed Films to mark the Dalai Lama’s visit to the UK 15th – 23rd June 2012.

This is obviously a salient message to any age group but it is especially to encourage under 25’s to attend a special free talk given by the Dalai Lama, compered by Russell Brand, which is held in Manchester on Saturday 16th June2012.

Starts at 1.30pm
Manchester Arena
Victoria Station
Hunts Bank
Manchester M3 1AR

Tickets available from
When you click on this option you can see there’s a bunch of options for teaching talks he is doing that week-end too. But be quick – this event is going fast. Over-25’s can attend too as long as the pay for the ticket!

Words by Anna Bang


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