Jos Whiteman, the star of the men’s front cover of Volt 14, has answered some cheeky questions for Volt Café. This gives us the opportunity to get to know our cover star a bit more.

VC: What do you always forget?

JW: I always forget my siblings’ birthdays, which probably makes me a pretty bad big brother haha.

VC: If you could go back in time where would you return?

JW: Recently I’ve come obsessed with the film Django, I think cowboys are pretty cool. So I’d definitely go back to them times!

VC: If you could colour the world, which colour would you pick?

JW: I’d paint the world white because it would be a blank canvas for people to create their art on. Would be much more interesting then industrial grey cities!

VC: Which song would fit your lifestyle?

JW: I think “Don’t worry be happy”  by Bobby McFerrin suits my life style best. That song can put anyone in a good mood whatever the weather.

VC: Could you describe your personal fashion style in a sound and in a flavour?

JW: This is difficult…. Strawberry milkshake. Strawberry because I wear a lot of red. Milkshake because it’s a pretty chilled and smooth style? Haha.

VC: How do you like your egg?

JW: I like dippy eggs with soldiers! Best way to have your eggs. In fact I’m going to make some now…

Words by Lete Hulscher and Ellen Grace Albers


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