This year Scandinavia’s fashion capital is Copenhagen – known for a laid back functionality this is fashion with a big dose of dark humor which challenges its audience with a Fashion Week ruled by performance and theater.

Erik Litzen | Minimarket | Christina Wessen | Carin Wester | Henrik Vibskov | Peter Jensen

Musicians, Photographers, Filmmakers and Artists has become the fashion designer’s new best friends – Stine Goya showed a live puppet show, Henrik Vibskov a dinner party, David Andersson a 3-D future film and Vilsbøl De Arce a gallery viewing with live music.

They created something to remember – this autumn is all about the experience.

Diana Orving | Henrik Vibskov | Stine Goya | Spon Diogo | Wood Wood | Henrik Vibskov

Behind the performances the Nordic classical style is still there with its wearable minimalism – allowing the cult classics back in a new form.

It’s focus on the details like the hat, the colorful shoes, the big simple jewelry and the covered neck – simple styles in opulent fabrics and natural materials such as tweed, satin, leather, silk and fluffy wool. The colors are mainly black which together with white, grey and beige rule the catwalks and put the main focus on texture. The lights in the darkness are blueberry blue, emerald green, dark aubergine, smooth salmon, raspberry red and lime.

Barabara i Gongini | Nom de Plume | Veronica B Vallenes | Jean//Phillip | Henrik Vibskov | Soulland

There is also a hint of futurism where Matrix is flirting with the Asian, wrapping us up in layered knits, long sequins and detailed cut-outs, structured and awkward – yet effortlessly sexy.

The Danish fashion crowd will keep on cycling to the venues this autumn protected from everything around.

Words by Emelie Hultqvist


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