Colin McDowell leaves no sartorial stone unturned in The Anatomy of Fashion | Why We Dress the Way We Do, a groundbreaking new book which, for the first time, maps the history of clothing (from prehistoric times to today) against the anatomy of the human body.

Published by Phaidon and written by Colin McDowell, the renowned and always entertaining fashion commentator, you know the The Anatomy of Fashion | Why We Dress the Way We Do will be stupendous. McDowell has written 22 books on fashion besides being a fashion writer for the Sunday Times’ Style section and setting up Fashion Fringe, a charity which helps talented young designers set up their own business. From 18th century bumpads to Alexander McQueen’s bumsters, the book reveals how clothing from every period in human history has influenced the way we look today, whilst offering a witty, entertaining and delightfully engaging story.

Expect lavish illustrations alongside a book that is the definitive authoritative reference tool. McDowell draws on anthropological, sociological and historical perspectives to bring to life the story of clothes in a truly comprehensive survey of global dress, make up and body adornment.

Out in October 2013

Words by Anna Bang


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