The iconically hideous Christmas jumper has become a recurring feature during the festive season. These novelty and oh-so-tacky knitted garments used to be regarded as a fashion sin. If you were caught dead in the fugly cringe-worthy jumper outside the vicinity of your bedroom walls you’d be constantly looking over your shoulder waiting to be shot dead with the embarrassment gun. Telltale signs of the fashion no-no is a liberal use of red and green, a sprinkle of glitter, an oversized depiction of a snowman, reindeer or Christmas tree and perhaps a pom-pom, or if you are really taking it to the next level a few bells to let everyone hear how excited you are about Christmas. Surprisingly, it appears that the horrid garments are squeezing their way back into everyone’s wardrobe and it doesn’t look like they will be pissing off anytime soon. So how did this kitsch Christmas statement come back into fashion?

I have recently been trying to put my finger on where this whole ugly jumper thing started, and I feel like our main offenders were Bill Cosby and Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation in the 80s, really wearing the item as a ‘fashion statement’ because everything in the 80s was over the top and ugly. Then the 90s came along and everybody got all grunge and/or minimal. But then, in the early 2000s, our darling Bridget Jones refreshed our minds of these hideous jumpers when she and Mr Darcy had that all too awkward moment over cubed cheese. Then it hit me. In 2003, at the tender age of 13, I remember buying (and yes, also wearing) a red matching teeshirt with my friend that read “Save Santa The Trip… Be Naughty”. What the hell was I thinking and why did my parents let me wear it? So I guess that’s when the whole Christmas irony thing began again right?

Each year from then on the number revived festive garments has slowly reappeared until ‘BOOM” the hipster was born. Hipsters are the most ironic creatures of all, so of course by 2008 all the ugliest christmas jumpers were dug up from the salvation army’s £1 basket and worn with pride across East London and the snowball effect (pun intended) began. Nowadays, every designer (good or bad) is producing some kind of festive garment and there has even been some chic ones on the runway this year, who would have ever thought it.

So let’s face it, the world have given in, and whether its a fashion faux pas or not, the Christmas sweater is here to stay. How about we just throw one on, keep warm and stop being in denial about the Christmas cheer they can bring to the festive season. Thus we have done you the honour of creating a small selection of the good, bad and the ugly for y’all to wear on Christmas day!

Because like the sweater says “You’re never too old for Christmas!”

Clockwise from top left: Ryan Lo £405, Kenzo £450, Beyond Retro £22, Beyond Retro £20

Words by Rochelle Bambury



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