champagne lifeee NEWJulia Dault, Untitled 19

Celebrating the gallery’s 30th birthday, Charles Saatchi has decided to grace his space with works from around the world in the first women-only exhibition in the gallery’s history. Artists including Maha Malluh, Alice Anderson, Jelena Bulajic, Sohelia Sokhanvari and Julia Dault are just a handful of the many contemporary artists Saatchi is showing. The exhibition features everything from enormous portraits by Jelena Bulajic to remarkable physical pieces such as the wall of cooking pots by Maha Malluh, in other words there’s something to please everyone.


‘Champagne life’ is running now at the Saatchi Gallery up until the 9th of March, Click HERE to find out more!

In the meantime here are a few sneak peaks of what Saatchi has in store for you!


champagne life new white potsMaha Malluh, Food for Thought “Almuallaqat 4”

champagne life newwJulia Wachtel, Champagne Life
2014champagne life new white
Virgile Ittah, Echoué au seuil de la raison

Words & images by: Marija Filipova


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