This futuristic homage to films like Drive and Crash with its wild, primeval soundtrack (Lieutenant Pigeon’s The Villain) which looks a little bit like a Kraftwerk video gone wild, is actually a promo for the new Blood Brother/Baron collaboration, now available to buy from Oki-Ni online, Selfridges and of course, the Blood Brother website. Coinciding with the highly anticipated second edition of Baron this should be a natural best seller.

Blood Brother has an already established ethos of wanting to showcase emerging talent within the fields of photography and art, one that goes nicely hand-in-hand with capturing the uniquely voyeuristic element of the quarterly erotic paperback magazine Baron. The clothing will feature a range of artwork and graphics from these three artists: Viktor Hachmang from the Netherlands who cites 60’s Pyschedelia and 80’s Postmodern as the inspiration for his work which often alludes to famous artists and artworks. His contribution, the ‘Threesome’ sweatshirt as well as the ‘Purple Heart’ and the ‘S&M’ tees, are typical of the artist’s penchant for the naive imagery of strict geometry using hand drawn forms.

Tyrone LeBon is a filmmaker and photographer based in London. LeBon’s contribution to the collection features artwork that will be in the next issue of the magazine. The ‘Tyrone LeBon for Baron‘ tees will available as part of a limited edition.

Lastly, the visual artist, Eva Stenram, sees photography as a medium of inconstancy and transformation. Incorporating digitally manipulated photographs, found photographs and images from the Internet, her work comments on our complex relationship with the photographic image, our relationship with surveillance culture and our relationship with privacy.

Jonathan Baron has also created three garments for the collection. His ‘Zombie Bride’ artwork will be featured on both tees and sweat shirts.

Prices range from £40 for tees to £85 for sweatshirts.

Words by Anna Bang


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