Ben Gold’sA Journey Through Trees’ at Exposure Gallery is a stunning series of portraits of trees, imbuing the subject matter with a feeling of majestic wondrousness. The exploration of light and darkness highlights the spirit and sheer beauty of nature, making you appreciate the scale and time involved in the lifespan of a tree. There is something very calming about these images, although you are but a puny human, the strength of the trunks and branches in front of you just fills you with a comforting stillness, a lovely and unusual feeling in our fast-paced world.

Gold’s background is one as a commercial photographer, concentrating on people. As his real passion lies in portraiture, reportage and the outdoors he is clearly happiest when working on location.

Ben Gold graduated from University of Brighton with a BA (Hons) in Photography and he has also worked in the film and theatre industries as a lighting and stage technician.

Exposure Gallery
22-23 Little Portland Street
London W1W 8BU
Monday – Friday 10AM – 6PM

The exhibition runs till 29th July 2011

Words by Anna Bang

All images by kind permission of Ben Gold


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