All photos excerpts from Beauty In Decay

The very commendable motto of Urban Explorers is ‘No vandalism, no breaking and entering. Take only a camera and leave only footprints’. As Urban Explorer Simon Cornwell puts it (on the attraction of exploring derelict sites and disused railway tracks), “You can wonder (sic) off where your heart takes you”.
Beauty In Decay documents the rise in guerrilla photography where intrepid and deeply curious Urban Explorers take pictures of soon-to-be-demolished abandoned buildings, hospitals and asylums. Needless to say, the police et al take an extremely dim view of this despite the often stunning photos of ghostly sites that invariably are lost to us once they’ve been demolished. Compiled by RomanyWG, a Film Editor by day and a Documentarian of street art, graffiti and Urban Exploration by night.

Beauty In Decay is compiled by RomanyWG
Published by CarpetBombingCulture
Price £19,95
Out August 2010

Words by Anna Bang


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