The celebration of sisterhood, the empowerment of woman and the special power of female friendships have permeated the fashion, music and art scenes this year, to which Barbie has taken note and released their Barbie Fashionistas doll collection. To celebrate the release of the most beautifully varied dolls ever (there are 23 dolls with eight skin tones, 23 hair colours and 14 facial sculpts), they teamed up with video director Grace Ladoja and her crew of talented female creatives to make a short film about the importance of colour, female friendships and sisterhood.

Featuring some of Ladoja’s most talented female friends such as Harriet Verney, Sharmadean Reid, Carri Munden, Naomi Shimada and Sharkira Kali as well as Ladoja herself, they reveal their thoughts, concerns, hopes and passionate energy whilst dancing through the wonderfully colourful illuminated tunnels of Colourscape. Soundtracked by Woodgrain and Larry B’s tune ‘Yuna’, the girls wander through the tunnels, talking about their style development, their social concerns and the importance of the female friendship and energy that surrounds them.

Journalist, model and DJ Harriet Verney said, “It’s the most secure you can be when you’re trusting your friends. I feel weirdly confident”, to which Ladoja responds; “These woman inspire me more than anything in the world, they are smart and their ability and confidence to make their work something so creatively individual to them, while retaining their authenticity, as well as being fun and stylish, is what makes them great role models for the next generation.”

The importance of colour in creativity and the energy it provides is also an integral part of the film. Model Naomi Shimada says in the film, “Colour has the power to change the energy you put out into the world.”

As a fully-fledged sisterhood, a female force of creativity and a powerful friendship group, these girls perfectly sum up the diverse and wonderful spirit of the new Barbie Fashionistas collection as well as the magic of powerful female friendships.

Words by Annie Lunnon


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