Ten or even five years ago, I would have only associated a backpack with my high school years. The days where my hideous navy blue backpack, adorned with as many zips and pockets as you could possibly fit, brimful of heavy books and giving off the faintest tang of rotting fruit. Backpacks sucked. They were big, annoying and didn’t look very cool, unless you were ‘one strapping’, which was actually a lot harder than using both straps but we would all suffer the pain.

However, backpacks have seemingly eased their way into our lives again. Maybe that’s because of this crazy 90s revival we are going through at the moment. It seems every girl I know is longing to be thrown back into Clueless mode so she can wear Cher’s yellow tartan skirt and blazer, accompanied by her perfectly white, fluffy backpack. I guess the item we all used to loathe is morphing into a love that is both stylish and functional. Quite frankly, I am an avid supporter of the backpack, as it means I can multi-task like Go-Go-Gadget and sneak a bottle of vodka into the club just that little bit easier…

Sheer functionality paired with fashionability ensures a nonchalant look. We’ve picked out five backpacks that will convert you in an instant.

1. HOUSE OF HOLLAND – The Backpack and Sack shearling, calf hair and leather backpack £490
2. ALEXANDER WANG – Dumbo textured leather backpack £945
3. HEMSLEY LONDON – Derby Backpack £725
4. MCM – Small Stark Backpack £395
5. Moschino – Biker Leather Backpack £1,695

These amazing illustrations were drawn by Analisa Aza!

Check her work out here:

Words by Rochelle Bambury


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