The Ashish S/S15 show, despite being preceded by a shocking near-death when a workman fell through the roof of the Topshop show space, did not disappoint in the sequin stakes, taking Ashish’s love of pop culture and glitter to a new level. Sweatshirts and jeans were emblazoned with images of Kimye, One Direction and Miley Cyrus, immortalizing their ubiquitous faces in sequin form. Tinsel adorned hair, bejeweled eyes and fluffy, sparkly platforms added extra glitter to a collection of frayed denim, gingham, snakeskin and androgynous sportswear, transformed by a rainbow of sequins. The all-black model lineup, which included former America’s Next Top Model contestant and vitiligo spokesperson, Winnie Harlow, walked down the catwalk with an air of playfulness, mirroring the attitude of the brand as a whole. Volt Café caught Ashish after the show to discuss the collection.

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Volt Cafe: Tell us what your ultimate Ashish girl is like?

Ashish: The Ashish girl is fun, she’s sexy and she loves to party.

VC: Who would you ideally like to see wearing this collection?

A: I think MIA would love it. I would love to see Lupita Nyong’o wearing it, she would look gorgeous. And I’d love to see Kim wearing the Kimye piece, obviously. And there’s a secret Lindsay Lohan piece!

VC: Pop culture has played a significant role in your past collections, such as the famous sequined supermarket carrier bags of S/S14. This season, you’ve used Fan Art, which combined with the fluff and the glitter, makes the collection almost reminiscent of a young girls bedroom, a place of fantasy, aspirations and posters of hot boys. 

A: Exactly, like the posters on your wall when you’re 13, and the new way to do that is social media and Fan Art and posting things on Instagram. I just feel that Fan Art is so sweet and innocent and genuine, so full of love and admiration.

VC: Were you obsessed with pop culture growing up?

A: Yeah, I grew up in India so we didn’t have much access to celebrity culture which made it much more exciting. I used to love when friends would bring me over stashes of magazines because they felt so secret and smuggled. 

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VC: What was on your mood board this season? Did your inspiration develop and change or did you have quite a clear idea of what you wanted from the collection from the beginning?

A: I didn’t actually have a mood board this season, I just had certain things that I got obsessed with, like the snakeskin, and the Fan Art idea, then I just had to work on them and get them right for the collection. 

VC: You’ve had a long standing working relationship with Anna Trevelyan. How do you feel that she translates your vision so well onto the catwalk? 

A: I think she has quite a unique way of looking at things. It’s always interesting working with stylists as you have a vision and they have a vision and you make them fit together. Anna and I work really well together because we just bounce off each other’s energies; it’s very collaborative with her. We have quite different opinions about things but, in a funny way, they work together.  She’ll never not take it there; she’s never shocked by anything. Like she’ll say, you want tinsel in the hair? Let’s do tinsel. You want more glitter? Let’s do it. She’s not scared of trying things.

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VC: All of your models channeled the same attitude as they walked down the catwalk. Did this come naturally or do you have a mantra for your models before shows?

A: I said to them – look, just enjoy this, it’s fashion! The thing is, you’re not working in an accountant’s office, you’re not a legal secretary, you’re a model, working in fashion, wearing beautiful clothes – enjoy it! Live it, be happy, because life is too short!

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VC: The brand has such a unique, recognisable aesthetic. Do you find it hard to maintain this aesthetic whilst building on it and doing something new each season?

A: I think it gets harder every season, it’s never easy. Because when you’ve done more and more things, you start running out of new things but you still have to build on what you’ve done and make it even more amazing. 

VC: Do you think the Ashish girl will ever grow up and mature or do you think she’ll always remain a youthful, fun, party girl?

A: Oh my god, does anyone ever want to grow up and mature? I don’t think so!


Photography by Corrine Noel

Words by Angelica Mandy


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