Renée Bonte Good Old Times

An inspirational flair coupled with promising new talents entered a little city in the Netherlands when 20 students presented their graduation collections from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem.

Summed up by collections full of variety, the spectrum ranged from remarkable cuts with a personal note via the art inspired to colorful outfits. The eye-popping pastel colour shades, which ran like a golden thread through the whole show, gave everything a special feel; it encouraged you to watch the show closely and then to concentrate on the individual collections and designers.

Anne Kluytenaar Lux is Crossing

Those who looked particularly interesting were Anne Kluytenaar with her collection Lux is Crossing, Renée Bonte with Good Old Times, Peet Dullaert with Liquorish and Jody de Lange with Anthurium.

Anne Kluytenaar Lux is Crossing

Anne Kluytenaar, who was inspired by her father, showed a wonderful menswear collection with pieces in black, white and rose, all of which had a slight feminine touch. Renée Bonte, who were inspired for her graduation collection by Adelheid Poossen’s film Mam, indulged the senses with her incredible womenswear collection which had some beautiful accents and accessories in the shape of the sweetest earrings and brooches embellished with flowers, doves and pearls.

Renée Bonte Good Old Times

Peet Dullaert presented a selection of sophisticated colourful pieces and had his models don large stunning sunglasses which were totally black.

Jody de Lange Anthurium (image by Ivania Carpio @

Jody de Lange, only 20 years old, showed with her neon pieces, long dresses and loose silhouettes a wearable collection with a lot of charm.

Niels Tol Spring Awakening

The names of the other students which also shone were Maaike Bles, Inge van den Ven, Gijse Ribbens, Ben Dekker, Eefje Wijnings, Niels Tol, Maxime Cartens, Thom Barends, Yoram Tomasowa, Luuk Varkevisser, Melanie Bomans, Hendrickje Schimmel, Julian Stips, Jef Montes and Esther Kruyer.

Esther Kruyer Triple

Four of them are also nominated for the Frans Molenaar Prijs, which takes place during the Amsterdam Fashion Week this July, and have the chance to win a cheque for 10.000€ to use as a business start-up.

Now, after having taken their first steps into the fashion business, it will be interesting to see how many of them will have the talent and strength to persevere. Let’s wish them all the best!

Words by Sarah Klose

Gijsje Ribbens Hommage à Hiti

Maaike Bles YDA


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